Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Long time, no see!

Update on Hot Topic polish:

It did not start chipping for 6 days!  Even then, it was only a tiny chip on my right hand's index finger (meaning, the finger used for everything).  It still stayed put until the 8th day, and then I had to remove it.  Well worth the length of time having to apply it (for me, since nail polish chips really quickly on me).

What's coming up:

You will see reviews on gel eyeliner and mascara from Jane Cosmetics; body spray, deep moisturizer, and body wash from Bath and Body Works; makeup remover cloths from Oil of Olay; foundation from Rimmel; nail polish from Sally Hanson; makeup primer from Hard Candy; lip liner from Nyx, and much more!

You might wonder why I only review drugstore or "affordable" items, rather than higher quality products from M.A.C. or Sephora.  Well, firstly, I want this blog to be accessible to everyone.  I read a lot of blogs and watch a lot of vlogs where the makeup used it very expensive, or you can only order it on the internet.  Not ALL cities or towns have a M.A.C. or Sephora store.  MOST cities and towns have drugstores or department stores (like Walmart, Zellers, Target, etc.), where they can purchase inexpensive brands of makeup.  Secondly, I have a limited income, and would like to show people they can look fabulous without spending $30 on one shade of eye shadow.

I look forward to doing more reviews, and especially some video tutorials on looks using products YOU can find.  And if you want to use $30 eyeshadow, you certainly can--as long as it's the same shade! :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Who DOESN'T Want a Cup of Tea?

How awesome is this?  A Tea Swap AND blog party?  Get yer butts on over there!!!!  I'm going to make up a REALLY nice package, so you better sign up and hope to get me as a swap partner!!!!! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review: Hot Topic Nail Polish

I have always wanted to try HOT TOPIC nail polish.  I have heard many good things, and many bad things.  Finally, a HOT TOPIC opened up in the city next to me, so I decided to start my reviews with their nail polish. 

I couldn't decide on a colour!  There were so many, and I have many colours of nail polish.  So I picked one I don't have--purple.  And it happened to be an iridescent colour, which I really like (as shimmer on nails can hide messy application, which is one of my problems with nail polish).

The bonuses of buying HOT TOPIC nail polish:

1) It's SEALED.  No other nail polish I can buy in a beauty store, big box store or drug store have that.  I have issues with germs, so I always just grab the bottle at the far back that seems to not be opened.  Luckily, HOT TOPIC has the lid sealed with plastic.

2) It was $3.00 (Cdn).  A deal's a deal for me!

I applied it on Sunday, November 7th.

My application method is to apply several very thin layers of product to build up to colour.  The first down side: The nail polish took FOREVER to dry fully.  So if you're using it, be prepared to set aside a few hours of not using your hands.

Once I got it on, and it finally dried (after about three hours--yay for boxed set DVDs of television shows, and a fiance who would do things so I didn't have to touch anything), I really loved the colour!  It's a deep purple, but the shimmer in it moves from a dark pink, (almost fuschia) to light purple, to dark purple.

I'm a messy nail polish applier.  So when I had to remove the excess around my nails with cotton swabs and nail polish remover, it came off easily from my skin, but didn't wreck the polish on my nails at all!

Now comes the true test: Durability!

We had a ritual (for Samhain--see HEDGEWITCH HOLLOW for more about that), the day before, which ends with a big feast of massive amounts of food and drink.  I left the dishes until Monday, November 8th.

I hand washed about 5 loads of dishes (using an S.O.S. PAD) and cleaned out the bottom cupboard of my kitchen to reorganize my small appliances (and this included scrubbing with a plastic scrubby).

Were there any chips?  NONE!  Okay, so the three hours of drying was really worth it, I think.  Especially for people who have a tendency to chip nail polish right after applying it.

I will post when it begins chipping, so that you can be sure when it actually starts to wear down.